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As a musician, I really enjoy recording concerts on video.  So many interesting things are happening visually when musicians perform.  I have recorded video of numerous performances, including lots of Brazilian and Jazz music, but also some rap and hip-hop.  I grew up on rock and roll so I would like to do more of that as well.


 Choro Das 3 is a wonderful family of musicians from Sao Paulo, Brazil.  3 sisters, Corina, Lea, and Elise are each virtuosos of  instruments, accompanied by their father, who plays the pandeiro, an instrument that looks like a tamborine but is played much more dynamically.

"Playground" by Nelson Faria, performed by The Dexter Payne Quartet + 1

 "Playground' is a beautiful song composed by Brazilian guitarist Nelson Faria.  It has a fun, catchy melody that I really enjoy.

I created this video as part of the "Rosie and Ben" episode of our cooking series "Dinner At Your House."

I shot this series of music videos with 3 cameras, all operated by me. 

"Samba" by Caetano Veloso, performed by The Dexter Payne Quartet + 1

 This song was recorded as part of our cooking program called "Dinner At Your House."

This is a house concert setting, which is why it looks like it's in someone's living room, because it is.

I also did the audio mix for this video.

The Dexter Payne Quartet + 1 performs "No Wolf At The Door"

Here is another song from the "Rosie and Ben" episode of "Dinner At Your House" featuring Dexter Payne and his Quartet.
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