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Video Production in Denver, Colorado

I have been doing video production since 2003.  I am currently using Canon and Nikon cameras that produce full 1080p High Definition HD video. 

I have a knack for directing people and getting them (you) to deliver their points clearly and persuasively.  I can help you focus your message into a concise and effective presentation.  I have produced videos for events, businesses, individuals, real estate, and more.

I prefer to use a dedicated video camera for shooting video.  It's a nice little bonus to have video on my SLR photo camera, and it is possible to get good results with video SLRs, but I like using a camera that is built for video from the ground up.  It's better.

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The following videos were completely produced by Denver videographer Jeff Pistana, including the video camera work, directing, and editing. 

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Office promo video:

 This is a simple and straightforward promo for a doctor's office. It was shot in my studio on plain black.  Other backdrops (and Green Screens) can be arranged.

The woman recited her own script from memory.  I took the best of the takes and put them together into this.  

If you need something like this, we can do it at my studio or your location.

Scripts are good if you are very comfortable reciting them.  I recommend getting a solid idea of your major points, and then talking freely about each of them.  Make a simple outline and go from there.

 Getting a tattoo:

 This video features Laura Thomas and Meghan Laurie finalizing a tattoo at the Blue Door Tattoo Shop in Denver, Colorado.

These ladies hardly needed any direction as they discussed the inspirations, process, and techniques for getting tattoos, because their casual conversation during the process was what I was going for to begin with.  I mostly just tried to stay out of their way as they did their thing.

Meghan in particular had a great knack for picking up the conversation and saying something relevant just at the right times.

Great job Laura and Meghan, and thanks!

"The Last Supper" by Leonardo da Vinci, recreated by the artist Hikaru

 Hikaru is an artist who has re-created "The Last Supper" by Leonardo da Vinci.  He painted it on a wall of the Shining Mountain Waldorf School in Boulder, Colorado.  It's probably about the same size as the original.

I directed and produced this video where he describes his inspiration and some of the approaches he used to re-creating this legendary painting.

It is an amazing work of art, and Hikaru has done a fine job of re-creating Leonardo da Vinci"s "The Last Supper," while adding some minor interpretations of his own.

Magic Tricks

 Here is a video made in my studio showing magic tricks.  The big advantage to shooting in the studio is that we get the most control over the light and sound, and weather is never an issue.

The biggest drawback of the studio is that it is somewhat dull with just a plain black backdrop.  Other backdrops can be arranged but may add to the cost.  And if you need some kind of props, it's best to have your own.  I may be able to help with props, but the studio does not have many props at hand.

For this video, I used some colored lighting to give it more of a stage look like a performing magician would probably have.

How to Train a Dog

 This video features dog training tips and techniques from Rod Butts.  Rod tells us how to best train your dog.

Rod really knows what he's doing and he shows us just how easy it can be to teach a dog basic obedience.

How to beat Ovarian Cancer

 Christine Grininger describes her successful struggle with ovarian cancer and gives insights on how to beat this deadly disease.

Awards Event for young girls in technology

 This is a video from an awards event for young girls who are interested in technology careers.

The girls responded to 3 questions about their feelings, interests, and goals.  I directed them through the questions.  The girls spoke spontaneously; their answers were not prepared at all.

This was set up in a plain conference room next to the banquet hall that had very few backdrop choices, so I used what was available. 

If you want a specific backdrop for your video, that can be arranged.   These folks were satisfied with what was available at the location.

Student Organization on University Campus

 This is one of the very first videos I shot when I started doing video.  It doesn't look bad but the sound is lousy.  That's because the room, deep in the basement of a university building, was incredibly noisy with giant ventilation equipment.  It couldn't be turned off because it served the whole building.

I also wasn't able to bring my lighting equipment, because I had to park far away from the building and had no way to carry it all over.  So we did it with just the room lights.

This video features Ashley H., who went on to become a contestant on a TV program called "The Bachelor 2013."

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