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Product and Item photos by Denver photographer Jeff Pistana

I have photographed a wide variety of products and items, including jewellery, glass ware, furniture, vehicles, food, clothing, artwork, musical instruments, electronics, and more.

Products present unique challenges, especially shiny and reflective objects.  Products typically require the most editing and post-processing, especially in terms of getting accurate colors.

 Glass candle holder product photo Sphere product photo Candle holder product photoWhite candles product photo 
 Colorful beads product photo Jewellry close up photo Jewellry display product photo Blue jewellry product photo
 Red scarf product photoKnit hat product photo Red knit hat  Gray scarf
 alabaster figurine product photo Antique cutelry product photo Antique rocking chair product photoRetro stool photo 
 Computer stylus product photo Solar backpack product photo Pill bottle product photo Baseball clothing product photo
Colorful beads in glass bottles Purple wine bottles Solar sculpture Antique coffee cans 
athletic equipment product photo
 Wool hat product photo Blue gloves product photoWhite hat product photo 
 Colorful bracelet beads product photo Beaded bracelets product photo Compassion bracelet product photos
 Gold purse product photo Sparkle pouch product photo Glamour purse product photos
 Magic Wand product photoGlitter nails product photo  Keychain product photo
Sparkle band product photo  Athletic equipment product photoSkin care product photo 
Antique chest product photo  Antique painting product photo Beads product photo
Pink Candle product photo Leather book product photo Candles product photo
 Denver Broncos hat product photoSt Louis hat product photo Texas Longhorns hat product photo 

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