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Rosie and Ben, featuring the Dexter Payne quartet. 

For this episode, we visit Rosie and Ben, a young English couple who live in a house with a garden and tree inside, and we have a special guest appearance by musician Dexter Payne and his group of fine players, who play some delightful Brazilian traditional music for us, and of course we have a wonderful meal at the end.

The Cats' House:

We had a really great time with Bob Walker, Frances Mooney and the entire gang at The Cats' House in San Diego.  They have transformed their home into an amazing place, and they are happy to show it

Sunana made an Indian feast including Saag Gosht (boneless leg of lamb in a delicate spinach sauce), Alu Gobi, Roti, and some Mint Chutney to go along with it.  She also whipped up a special turkey-based dish for the cats.

Thanks again to Bob, Frances, Sadie and all the cats!

The Gaylords:

 Jim and Judy Woodhead:

Hi Sunana......You did a GREAT job at the Dinner at your House!  Loved the whole thing and we are so pleased to be a small part of YOUR new program.  I do remember the inviting aromas at the house that day and I'm salivating just seeing that program.  So much good luck to you with your new inviting one else has thought that one up before so YOU are the new trailblazer in the cooking field! We look forward to getting the CD so we can show you off.  Fondly,  Jim and Judy

Bill and Maxine Bushnell:

Tena Navarrete:


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