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Maktub concert at the Fox Theater in Boulder Colorado on April 14, 2005


Maktub has been laying down soulful rock since 1996, and the singer, Reggie Watts, has a voice as big and imposing as his afro.  The whole band is mighty groovy and they have released four solid albums as of this writing.  Fans of modern retro soul rock music should be sure to check them out.

I can't believe this band never hit it big.  I wonder if their awkward-sounding yet elegant-meaning name has anything to do with it.  It is pronounced "mock - tube."  Say it aloud, don't be shy.

According to the little elves who live in our computers and run the internet, "Maktub" translates literally as "It is Written," in Arabic, but figuratively it translates more accurately as "destiny."  As in, "It is Written in your Book of Destiny that such and such will come to pass."  Get it?  The Brazilian author Paulo Coelho made a pretty good living for himself writing on this topic.

These photos were taken with my first digital camera, a Nikon CoolPix 995, on April 14, 2005 at the Fox Theater in Boulder, Colorado.  That camera was great, but it wasn't very fast which is why these photos are a little on the fuzzy side.  Makes for some cool effects, though.

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