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Gilberto Gil in concert at the Boulder Theater in Boulder, Colorado, on July 18, 2008.


Aged 67 during this concert, this Grand Daddy of Brazilian music performed like a rock star and basically had the crowd eating out of his hands all night.  Mr. Gil is a most classy fellow and it was a real treat to see such a legend of Brazilian music up close and personal.  He encouraged everyone to photograph and record the event, and I was happy to oblige, even though some drunken oaf on the dance floor gave me a hard time about taking pictures.  I guess I was too close to his sweaty horse of a girlfriend.  When he complained to me, I shouted back at him: "what??  I can't hear you.  The music is too loud!"

Just goes to prove that no matter where you go, there will always be some Jack Ass around creating problems and trying to spoil the fun.  But I had fun anyway, so poop on him.

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