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Photos of Fishbone in concert

Fishbone is a really fun band that has been playing great music since the 1980s.  I saw a couple of Fishbone concerts and they always put on a lively and exuberant show.  The last time I saw Fishbone, I got some photos of the band, especially original members Angelo Moore, Walter Kibby, and John Norwood Fisher.  Here are some photos from that most recent Fishbone concert in Denver, Colorado in 2012:
Angelo Moore of FishboneJohn Norwood Fisher plays Warwick basses Walter Kibby of Fishbone
 Angelo Moore makes a lot of funny faces during a Fishbone performance. Fishbone trombone player has funny looking hairWalter Kibby blows his signature pocket trumpet
Fishbone played some of their great songs, including Cholly, Boning in the Boneyard, A Selection, and some other songs from their classic albums Truth and Soul, In Your Face, and some of their later recordings.
John Norwood Fisher skillfully plucks his five string bass.  Angelo Moore is a sharp dressed manAngelo Moore slings his saxophone on his back while he sings.
Angelo Moore plays tenor saxophone Fishbone plays fun funk music Walter and Angelo provide the front line of Fishbone 
 Angelo Moore grabs his crotch during a Fishbone concert Angelo Moore fist in the airAngelo Moore in your face. 
More photos of Fishbone in concert 
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