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Photos of the Cowboy Dave Band in concert at the Walnut Room, Denver Colorado, 2011

Cowboy Dave Band picking
I'm not a big fan of country music, but I do like older material like Hank Williams and Patsy Cline, and most of the stuff up to the 1960s.  After that, I mostly can't stand country music.  I'm not sure if Cowboy Dave and his band should really be described as country music.  To me, it seemed like they were playing more of the Western side of country music.
Cowboy Dave playing guitarCowboy Dave Band guitaristCowboy Dave plays acoustic guitar
I really enjoyed the Cowboy Dave Band, regardless of whatever terminology should be used to describe them.  They put on a fun, upbeat show with great playing throughout.
Cowboy Dave Band bassistCowboy Dave Band from angleCowboy Dave Band bass player
Cowboy Dave is a likeable, charismatic frontman who had a comfortable and entertaining presence throughout the show, and he's a good singer and guitar strummer
Cowboy Dave Band drumsCowboy Dave Band pedal steelCowboy Dave Band drummer
Cowboy Dave has a bunch of great players backing him up.  I especially enjoyed the pedal steel guitar player, Glenn Taylor.  He had wonderful fluidity and style on that instrument and he blazed through his solos with total authority.
Cowboy Dave Band concert performance
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