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The Reflectacles live at the Walnut Room in Denver, Colorado, June 29, 2011

The Reflectacles in concertReflectacles harmonica playerReflectacles banjo player
I had mixed feelings about this group, The Reflectacles. I simultaneously enjoyed and hated their cuteness.
Reflectacles singerReflectacles straw boater hat musicianReflectacles musician
I can't really remember what they sounded like.  I was too pre-occupied with their fashion style, which was a mix of modern hippie and retro Americana.  Hippie stuff is a dime a dozen, but the Americana thing was interesting to see in a mix of 20-something guys.  One guy was playing an old Epiphone guitar that was probably twice as old as him.  Ultimately, I guess it was all pretty cute, but the grumpy old curmudgeon in me hated it.  Most people would probably like them.  Apparently Willie Nelson is a fan of this group.  Good ol' Willie.  Who doesn't love that guy?

One thing that bugged me unequivocally was the fact that the entire band was barefoot for their show, as a collective gimmick.  I don't like cheesy gimmicks to begin with, but I found that particularly distasteful.  If you have ever been on a stage in any rock music club anywhere in the world ever in history, you know that they are filthy, stained & sticky.  Sometimes there are broken beer bottles.  It's just gross.  And I don't really understand how being barefoot makes someone play better.  Can someone explain that to me?

Incidentally, a few famous rockers always did the barefoot thing, notably Ronnie Van Zandt and Michael Franti. I'm sure there are others.
GuitargasmStratocaster guitaristHappy guitarist
Oh, there was one thing I really liked about this band:  whenever the guitar player took a solo, it looked like he was ejaculating in his pants. Guitargasm! Everyone should have that much fun, eh? Good for him.

As I photographer, I ultimately liked them because they're photogenic.  I don't like when groups show up in boring old plain clothes.  Musicians should do something to make their shows visually entertaining.  If that means wearing a straw boater hat, so be it.
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