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Did you spill coffee down the back of your Apple Macintosh computer again, and now it won't turn on? Perhaps you acidentally dropped your MacBook, and now it's on the fritz. Whatever the case, if you have any kind of problem with hyuour Mac, there is a place in Boulder that can help you. It's The Mac Shack, on the Hill!

The coolest thing about The Mac Shack is that these guys just do Macs, and they know them inside and out. Randy Martin is owner of The Mac Shack, and he explained: "the biggest advantage to coming here rather than a big superstore is that we actually use Macs every day, and we know a lot about them. We're not just hired and trained to tell you what you want to hear to get you to buy one."

"A lot of the salespeople at those kinds of places have no idea; they'll sell you a Mac, but they don't know about them and their secrets," Randy continued. "We provide a better service. We're more specialized, because we focus on Macs, while they have tons of different stuff."

"We don't do authorized warranty work, but the local Apple store only repairs out-of-warranty items at very high cost. They charge so much it's ridiculous; basically what it costs to get a new one, because they want you to buy a new computer. They don't really want to fix the old one," said Randy. "Same with iPods."

"Not everyone want to buy a new computer, so they come here instead, and we fix it for them for about half of what they were quoted. This is especially true if you damaged your computer. We can fix that for much less," Randy elaborated.
"I don't really consider us competition, because we send people to each other. They don't do what we do and we don't do what they do, so we complement each other more than we compete with each other."

The Mac Shack services most computers in just three or four days. Their service is guaranteed for thirty days, and the parts usually have longer warranties.

In addition to quality service, The Mac Shack has loads of cool accessories for Macs, iPods, and other Apple products. They have car chargers, carrying cases, peripherals, software, monitors, speaker systems, and much more. "Whatever you need for your Mac, we've got it, and if we don't, we can get it," Randy assured me. Be sure to ask about the 'Soundsticks' and the 'Creatures.' You'll be impressed; I know I was!

They also have used iPods, all generations of them, and neat add-ons for them like silicone skins and radio tuner transmitters.
And if you're ready for a good Apple computer, but you're not ready to spring for a brand new one, The Mac Shack has an impressive selection of quality used machines, including the latest models. All of them are cleaned up and refurbished by the staff. "We have a lot of iBooks, which are very popular with students," Randy said. "They sell pretty fast. We try to keep many different models and varieties on hand, including the affordable ones, so that people without tons of money can still get a good one. We have a lot of iMac G3s, which we sell starting at $399. The G3 is a nice desktop computer, good for dorms because it's self-contained, compact, and plenty fast. They're great for papers, getting on the internet, and so on." All used machines include a thirty day to five month warranty.

"Compared to PCs, Macs hold their value better over time," said Randy. The Mac Shack has been located at 1301 Pennsylvania Avenue, on the Hill in Boulder, for over five years. Before that, it was another company doing the same thing. Randy was running that store, and when that company pulled up stakes, he bought them out and has continued providing great service as The Mac Shack.

You can call The Mac Shack at 303-443-2899

By Jeff Pistana

Originally published in the Colorado Daily newspaper on March 22, 2006.
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