Business of the Week:  Jimmy John's on the Hill in Boulder


If you want the fastest, tastiest sandwiches in Boulder, there is a place for you: it's Jimmy John's on the Hill, and they can get a delicious meal delivered to you in just ten minutes!

How do they do it, you ask? Mostly with bicycles! Jimmy John's has a fleet corps of pedalers, thirty strong, who will zip on over with your sandwich, made fresh minutes before. Not only is their service fast, it's environmentally friendly and doesn't choke up Boulder's increasingly crowded streets with more cars and air pollution.

Matt Heffern, co-owner of Jimmy John's on the Hill, gave it to me straight up: "we have awesome service for lunch and late nights. Just ten minutes to your front door, all day and all night long. We don't mess around. Ninety-five percent of our deliveries are by bicycle, and we cover pretty much all of Boulder."

Their food isn't just fast, it's good. The menu is nice and simple: you get your choice of six meats, cheese, and five veggies. Quick and easy. "It's very good food," Matt said. "We use all high-end products, like real Hellmann's mayonnaise, and all of our meats are 'Jimmy' branded, similar to Boar's Head in quality. We Don't use any pressed or processed meats of any sort," he assured me.

Sounds great! Jimmy John's also makes their own bread, all day and night long. That means they have fresh loaves whether you come in at ten in the morning or two in the morning; anything over four hours old gets sold as "day-old." They offer two kinds of bread:  an eight-inch French bread roll, or a seven-grain honey wheat in sandwich-square shape. To fill it up, the freshest veggies and meats are sliced every morning. "Nothing ever sits for more than a day or so," said Matt.

"Our sandwiches are all cold cut, and can be made in just thirty seconds," he continued. "We run two lines during lunch. People come in knowing it will only be a couple of minutes and then they're out the door."

More impressive still, Matt claims the "cheapest sandwiches in town, only three or four bucks usually, and that's our every day rate. If you show your face in here enough, I'll even buy your sandwich once in a while. We have about a seventy percent return customer rate."

Matt certainly knows his way around a sandwich. He ran the Jimmy John's at Purdue University for seven years, then decided to do his own thing and come to Boulder to take ownership of the local store. By improving service, he and his team have turned it around tremendously, having increased sales seventy percent in the last year and a half. "We've done this by providing good service and consistent hours. Even during school breaks, we don't close early."

Jimmy John's is always looking for good people who like a fast-paced, yet fun work setting. If you're interested, come on in and check it out!

Local businesses Full Cycle and Cat Eye help to keep Jimmy John's wheels turning by providing service and support to their riders and staff.

Jimmy John's opens daily at 10:30 AM, but usually unlocks the doors as soon as bread is out of the oven, around 9:30. They serve 'em up fresh until closing at 2:30 AM, give or take a few minutes. "We try to stay open as late as people come in," said Matt; "Sunday we close at 2 AM."

Call 303-447-3200 to place a delivery order, or come into Jimmy John's at 1125 13th Street, on the Hill in Boulder.

By Jeff Pistana

Originally published in the Colorado Daily newspaper on March 8, 2006.
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